Popular Landscaping Equipment

Popular Landscaping offers a wide range of landscaping services. With over 36 years of experience, we have come to specialize in commercial and municipal maintenance contracting. It’s because of the diversity these projects have that we aquired all the equipment and expertise required to supply these services.

We have the tools and equipment to get the job done right!

4WD Front End Loader

Our powerful front end loader for moving materials quickly and effectively, and to power landscape implements.


Full size bobcat is great at moving materials and moving around a job site quickly and efficiently. The machine is small enough to work on residential lots, yet big enough to get the job done fast and economical.

Deep Tine Aerator

Our deep tine aeration is a sports reduces compaction deep into the soil profile, improves drainage & breaks up soil layering.

Dump Truck

Having our own dump trucks allows us to get materials to and from our job sites when we need it 

Mini Backhoe Loader

This powerful tractor is small enough to fit in tight spaces, yet can still load a full size dump truck making removal of earth concrete etc. fast and economical.

Mini Excavator

This machine is small enough to work on most residential lots, but can still load a full size dump truck making removal of earth concrete etc. fast and economical.

Mower: 4WD Front Mount

Mower: Garden Tractor

Mower: Reel Mower

Mower: Slope Mower

Mower: Tractor Mower

We have a full range of equipment to service and manage any Municipal, Park or Government project. Tractor mounted 18 foot cutting width fine cut flail mower.

Mower: Walk Behind

Mower: Zero Turn


Our overseeder delivers seed directly into the soil for unmatched seed-to-soil contact. This delivers maximum seed germination so we can get the job done efficiently.

Side by Side

Snow Plow

During the winter months our snow plow is on call 24 hrs. Ready for clearing your parking lots, driveways, construction or commercial sites

Sod Cutter

Top Dresser

The topdresser will spread a variety of materials such as sand, compost, topdressing mixes, calcined clay, infield mix, lime and de-icing materials.

Watering Truck


Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. 

For over 36 years, Popular Landscaping has been providing professional landscaping services for a wide variety of projects. From commercial to residential landscaping needs, Popular Landscaping has the equipment, staff, supplies and experience to get the job done right and ensure your satisfaction. 


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